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Learn your carbon

Learning your carbon footprint and the sources contributing the most is the first step. Next, you can look at your daily habits in areas such as transportation, energy, food, and shopping and see what habits you can change. More often, these are hard habits to change, but every little bit helps. If you are looking to reduce emissions beyond your daily habits pyrpose will guide you on just how much to invest to make a difference and a return.

Reduce emissions

The next step is to decide just how much future carbon emissions to remove.  Your carbon quiz results are a starting point, perhaps you want to be carbon positive, or you have a budget in mind.  For as little as $100, you can reduce future carbon emissions and get rewarded.  Tackling the climate crisis requires all of us to participate.

Share your impact

The final step is to engage with the community, and share with others you know who would benefit from working with pyrpose.  We believe in a bottoms up approach and trust in the power of community.  Be proud to be part of a movement where supporting the climate is no longer a donation, but gets you rewarded as well.

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